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HyMaP 2020 – Special : Welcome message

The organizing committee of the Special International Symposium on Hybrid Materials and Processing (HyMaP 2020 – Special ) is delighted to announce an upcoming exciting symposium that will be held at Guerinnarae Hotel, Haeundae at Busan, Korea from November 24 to 27, 2020.

Over the past decade, ‘Hybrid’, has begun to appear in the field of science, technology, and industry. The previous HyMaP symposiums have successfully integrated the expertise and interest of the participants from materials scientists, chemists to engineers. Since its founding in 2008, the past HyMaP conferences have played essential roles in initiating and expanding this ‘Hybrid’ paradigm. In every HyMaP, more than 500 participants from 20 countries joined to share their ideas and visions for hybrid materials and processing. Widely acclaimed for its uniqueness, HyMaP will keep on organizing an international symposium on as Hybrid Materials for Energy, Environments, and New Functions in year 2020.

Given the uncertainties surrounding travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, we understand that international or even domestic participants may not be able to travel to our conference. For the upcoming HyMaP 2020, we are proud to present a special “hybrid” conference, which provides the flexibility on both “online” presentations and “on-site” meetings (can be limited according to situations). This unique HyMaP 2020 – Special aims to present a global platform to facilitate discussion around specific subject areas in hybrid materials, forging, and expanding new interdisciplinary research networks and partnerships all over the world.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our “Hybrid” conference of HyMaP 2020 - Special.

Prof. Kwang Ho Kim

On behalf of Organizing Committee of
HyMaP 2020 - Special