Plenary Lecturers

Name Prof. Sanjay Mathur
Affiliation University of Cologne (GERMANY)
Presentation Title Chemically Processed Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting

Name Prof. Peter B. Littlewood
Affiliation University of Chicago (USA)
Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
Presentation Title Physics of Oxide Heterostructures

Name Prof. Rodney Ruoff
Affiliation Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (KOREA)
Presentation Title Carbon Materials for the Future

Name Prof. Stacey F. Bent
Affiliation Stanford University (USA)
Presentation Title New Materials by Atomic and Molecular Layer Depositio

Shigeaki Zaima

Name Prof. Shigeaki Zaima
Affiliation Nagoya University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Development of GeSn-Related Group-IV Semiconductor Thin Films for Si Nanoelectronic Applications