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Keynote Lecturers

Name Prof. Masanobu Nakayama
Affiliation Nagoya Institute of Technology (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Efficient Computation of Ionic Conductivity of Li for Rechargeable Battery with Informatics

Name Prof. Jeung Ku Kang
Affiliation Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KOREA)
Presentation Title Hybrid Materials/ Device with High Energy and Power Densities

Name Dr. Seung Soon Jang
Affiliation Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Presentation Title First-Principles Modeling Approach towards Quinone-Derivatives for Li ion Battery: Effect of Molecular Architecture on Electrochemical Properties

Name Prof. Keiji Tanaka
Affiliation Kyushu University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Polymer Relaxation at Solid Interfaces

Name Prof. Chuanbin Mao
Affiliation University of Oklahoma (USA)
Presentation Title TBA

Name Dr. Christian Serre
Affiliation Paris Research University (FRANCE)
Presentation Title From the synthesis of robust Metal(III/IV) Organic Frameworks to their potential applications in energy, health and environment

Name Prof. Nosang V. Myung
Affiliation University of California, Riverside (USA)
Presentation Title High Density Chemical Sensor Arrays

Name Dr. Young-Gi Lee
Affiliation Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (KOREA)
Presentation Title Polymer Solution with Thixotropy for Organic-inorganic Hybrid Electrolytes Based on PVDF-HFP/HPC Blend for Flexible Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

Name Prof. Andrew Minor
Affiliation University of California, Berkeley (USA)
Presentation Title New modes of imaging for in situ TEM nanomechanical testing


Name Prof. Rong Chen
Affiliation Huazhong University of Science and Technolgoy (CHINA)
Presentation Title Design and Synthesis of Catalytic Interfaces via Selective Atomic Layer Deposition

Masaharu Shiratani

Name Prof. Masaharu Shiratani
Affiliation Kyushu University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Nanoparticle Composite Films : Fabrication and Functions

kensuke Akamatsu

Name Prof. Kensuke AKAMATSU
Affiliation Konan University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Fully additive-based chemical approach for direct fabrication of inorganic thin films on polymer substrates

Takayuki Watanabe

Name Prof. Takayuki Watanabe
Affiliation Kyushu University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Thermal Plasma Processing for Lithium Ion Battery Application

Nagahiro Satio

Name Prof. Nagahiro Satio
Affiliation Nagoya University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Solution Plasma Chemical Synthesis for Nanomaterials

Hiroki Kondo

Name Prof. Hiroki Kondo
Affiliation Nagoya University (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Advanced Plasma Syntheses of Carbon Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites for Nano-Bio Applications

Hisayuki Suematsu

Name Prof. Hisayuki Suematsu
Affiliation Nagaoka University of Technology, Nagaoka (JAPAN)
Presentation Title Preparation of Passivated Base and Alkaline Earth Metal Particles by Pulsed Wire Discharge

Mustafa Urgenv

Name Prof. Mustafa Ürgen
Affiliation Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul (TURKEY)
Presentation Title A powerful tool: Changing the mode and magnitude of bias voltage in cathodic arc systems for tuning the properties of hard coatings and surface alloying