Scopes and Themes

Hybrid Interface Materials

  • Interface Modification and Applications
  • Adhesion Properties of Hybrid Interfaces
  • Atomic Scale Engineering of Interfaces
  • Nano-bio Technology on Interfaces
  • 2D Material and Its Interfacial Properties
  • Biomimetic Hybrid Materials and Technology

Hybrid Materials & Process

  • Dry Process (Atm., Vacuum Plasma Coatings, Melting spray, etc.)
  • Wet Process (Electro- & Electroless Plating, Anodizing, Hot dipping, Solution Plasma, etc.)
  • Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology
  • Processing and Applications of Advanced Materials (Cutting, Welding, Laser, EDM)
  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Computational Modeling and Electron Microscopic Analysis for Nano/Interface Materials
  • Characterization, Evaluation and Reliability
  • Cutting Edge Characterization of Hybrid Materials

Hybrid Functional Materials

  • Functional Surface (Bio, Energy, Environment, etc.) Electronic Devices and Sensors for IoT Applications
  • Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical/Photonic Applications Health Care and Diagnostic Applications
  • Next Generation Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Applied Surface Science, Analysis and Properties, etc.
  • Multi-Functional Thin Film Design
  • Sorption and Catalytic Applications
  • Nanomechanics for Advanced Materials