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Journal Information

Authors with accepted abstracts will be invited to submit manuscripts by November 16, 2017.

After peer review, accepted manuscripts will be published in SCI(E) journals including Coatings and Journal of Materials Science & Technology (JMST) and Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters (NLL), and Journal of Ceramics Processing Research (JCPR).

On the special issue "Coatings", the following is the short introduction for Coatings : Coatings is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal devoted to the science and engineering of coatings, thin and thick films, surfaces and interfaces, which is published by MDPI,

JMST accepts all manuscripts that follow the template (Please download JMST Template. For more details, please visit the website: In addition, figures should be original graphs (*.tif) with high contrast, suitable immediate reproduction, typed on separate sheets and identified by its number. For reference, please downloadJMST Figure Template.

NNL accepts all manuscripts, typed double-spaced on one side of the page throughout (including footnotes, references, tables, legends) on 8.5" x 11" or A4 white paper leaving at least 1 inch left hand margin. Papers, submitted to NLL, should be more than 5 journal pages long. For reference, please download NNL Template.

JCPR accepts 210mm*297mm(A4) or 8.5in.*11in. with margins of at least 30mm, using 12pt font with double spacing throughout. The manuscript should be typed on only one side of each sheet. For more details, please check the journal preparation method.


1. Language and style
The manuscript must be in English, It should be typed on good-quality paper,
210mm*297mm(A4) or 8.5in.x11in.(Letter), with margins of at least 30mm, using a 12 point font
with double spacing throughout. The manuscript should be typed on only one side of each sheet.
Authors are requested to provide three copies of the manuscript, one original and two copies of the manuscript.
2. Presentation
The manuscript should begin with title, an thors and adresses abstract and keywords, text,
acknowledgments, reference, list of table, and figure captions. An additional
single space must be inserted between sections. Tables and Figures should be attached to the end
of the manuscript. Pages should be numbered consecutively.
3. References
References should be numbered consecutively in the text, thus: "According to a recent study[1]..."
and collected at the references section in the following styles.
- For journals
  1. Y,-c. Chung, C.K. Kim, and B.J. Wuensch, J.Appl.Phys. 87[6](2000)2747-2752
- For proceedings
  2. Y.C. Chung, in Proceedings of the 3rd International Ceramin Processing
  Workshop, April 2000, edited by K.H. Auh(Hanyang University Press,2000) p.21.
- For books
  3. J.Doe, in "instructions for preparation of Papers" (Hanyang University Press,2000) p.1.
4. Illustrations
All illustrations, of whatever type, should be numbered in a single sequence and
referrd to in the text and caption as Fig.1, Fig2, etc. The authors name and the
figure number should be clearly shown on the front or back of each illustration.
Original art-work should be sent; photo copies or any other form of copy will be
generally unsuitable for reproduction inthe journal. Hand written annotations are
not acceptable. Photographs should be positive glossy prints, unmarked and not
creased, and of high contrast. Internal scale bars should be included in
photographs. Symbols, arrows, or letters used in photographs should contrast
with the background.
5. Units and Abbreviations
Sl units must be used. if unconventional units are employed, appropriate
conversion factors should be given. All abbreviations should be spelled out in
full on first appearance, e.g. Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM).
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